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Friends are like sunshine
Brightening your day
Banishing the clouds
Keeping 'The Blues' at bay.

With E-Mails and messages
From far and near
Always ready
With that listening ear.

And what do we do
When the servers are down?
Attempting connection
With an unhappy frown.

At last I log on
And what do I see?
One little message
Just for me!

My buddy has written Oh joy, Oh fun
Let me continue-

Life without E-mails Oh My!!!
Don't give it a thought
So keep those E-mails coming
I Love them all


Below are the chapters in my book
The red buttons will take you to the first page of each chapter after that I have provided links to all my pages on each pages so that it will be easy to follow,So you do not have to come back here to find them
(Please note all my pages and links are family safe)

Page 1 Introduction
           To Me and my family and
           My Irish and British heritage

Page 2 "Irish blessings" and Poems
            A Letter to a friend.
            The Shan Van Vocht
            The Irish Dancer
            The More You Give

"Thoughs and sayings"
            My Thoughs for the day.
            A Pray for my friend

"Poems And Insperational"
            9 pages of Wonderful Poems
            and Insperational Stories

Dedication To Mary Our Blessed Lady
Dedication To Jesus Our Blessed Lord
Dedication To St. Patrick

My Holiday Page

               Changes with every holiday
               This Month feature is my
               Nov.11th is Remberance Day in Canada

            Let me take you now on a tour
            through Canada: Ireland: and England:

Canada Facts: History:

History and information on North
            and Southern Ireland

History and information on the British Isle

Irish Wit
            A Daughters Letter:
            A Mothers Letter"
            And much more

British Humor And Jokes

            This is were my Bitish side peeks though
            2 pages Of british humor

            An English Explanation of Cricket,
            A Drinkers pray,
            Slow dance, "Poem"
            The Church Bulliton for the week,

Some Heartwarming Stories
            (This Chapter 0n 3 pages)
            Stop the hurt,
            Little Girl Lost,
            A Scrap of Gold Paper
            The Carpenter,
            The Missing Piece,
            Always Have A Dream,
            Story Of Courage and Love,

Humorous Stories
            5 pages of humorous Stories
            How to give your cat a pill,
            Ways you know you are getting older,
            A Letter To The IRS,
            Pillsbury Doughboy Obituary:
            The Age of Innocence,
            Training Course "Now Available For Men"
            The Elevator Ride,
            Keep That The Fork,
            A Day In Life Of Martha Stewart

Irish Songs
            Four pages Of some favourite
            Irish Songs And Lyrics

Computer Humorous Stories

            2 pages of computer humor
            Telephone Conversations about computer problems
            The Proper Way to take care Of Flopy Disks
            Do You Remember When,
           & Ten reason to upgade you computer,
            The Y2K Prayer.,
            What Is A Friend,..
            Bits And Bytes,
            Your Mail,
            (And many more)

Poems And Insperation part 2:

            If I had my life to live over
            If I knew
            Think!!! this is so true
            Aging Prayer
            My On Line Friends
           & Peace Prayer
            Grandma's Shoes
            Those Kids
               God Are You Real
            The Shinny Red Taw

Humorous stories part 2:
            Signs You are Broke,
            Funny Historical Accounts from the Strange
            But True Archives!,
            Move Over Please
            Adams Rib
            Growing Old
            Lord Thank You.
            Breaking The Silence,
            !Praise The Lord!,
            Story Of The Three Trees,
            The Letter,
            Ireland for Beginners,
            Skipping ,
            Noah story
            If it were to take place today,
            Original message,
            A Good Friend,
            The Station,
            The Frog and the Princess,
            What If,
            Do You Know me?,
            One Seat Only Please ,
            The Job Interview,
            The Young Lawyer,
            How to Know You Are Growing Older,
            It's a hurricane!
            The Golfer
            A Letter From Camp,
            The Basic Cow,
            Lumberyard Jokes,
            Write It Down,
            Church Humor,
            Answering Machine Messages,
            The Lunch,
            The Hole In One
            Doctors Notes On Patients Charts:

            All though a lot of the images and backgrounds are my own
               See link at bottom of page for mine
               I have used some from other Wed Designers too
               This were I give credit to the people
               for the use of their wonderful images and backgrounds"

Web Rings I belong to
            Irish Web Rings, Canadain Web Rings,
            and Holiday Web ring

The Awards I have received for my web page
            Link to submition form for you to
            submit your site for awards

My page of links
            Links to Irish. British, Religous,my frinds home pages
            Links to a few fun pages for children
            Links to some of the pages I have desinged for others.
            (please note all my links and pages for family safe)

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