Once upon a lifetime comes
A tender love so true
A feeling such of total bliss
To last the lifetime through
A love to fill the heart and soul,
That has and knows no end
To fill the endless precious times
And sharing of our darkest fears,
Our brightest hopes and dreams

Nature's Parade

The passing of time, the seasons change,
and nothing ever seems the same again,
as spring turns to summer and summer to fall,
the casting of shadows against the wall.

When flowers start their fade,
and mornings turn bleak and grey,
the seasons change within the heart,
to yellow-brown hues from finish to start.

At the moment in passing,
the time slips away bringing with it another day,
to seek out the memories of better years,
a summery season without the tears.

The face cooled by the kiss of a pleasant breeze,
freezing in time the thoughts of thee,
withering in the coldness of winters' onset,
forgetting the truth of the love you lent.

Grasping to hold the passing of time,
unwilling to wither upon the vine,
yet accepting of fate as it be delivered,
the passing of season, to Taker from Giver.

Knowing destiny will be what it may,
hoping that strength will be blown my way,
before the heart of the flower withers and fades
with the seasons of time, Nature's parade

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