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Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes -
February 11th (1858)

February 11th of the eighteen apparitions of the
Blessed Virgin Mary to
Marie Bernadette Soubirous.
A young peasant girl fourteen year old French girl
in southern France, in 1858

The first of Our Lady's apparitions to her was on February 11th.
The last was on July 16, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
The greatest was on March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation.
The Mother of God, on March 25, said to Saint Bernadette,


In 1858, in the grotto of Massabielle,
near Lourdes in southern France,
Our Lady appeared 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous, a young peasant girl.

She revealed herself as the Immaculate Conception,
asked that a chapel be built on the site of the vision,
she told the girl to drink from a fountain in the grotto.

As there was no fountain was to be seen,
Bernadette began digging at a spot designated by the
apparition, and a spring began to flow.
The water from this still flowing spring has shown
remarkable healing power, though it contains no curative
property that science can identify.

Lourdes has become the most famous modern shrine of Our Lady

Our Lady at Fatima

The Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God,
appeared six times to three shepherd children
near the town of Fatima, Portugal
between May 13th and October 13th 1917.

The three shepherd children who witnessed
the apparition, of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, were
Lucy dos Santos, Francisco Martos, and Jacinta Martos

Appearing to the children, the Blessed Virgin told them
that She had been sent by God with a message for every man,
woman and child living in our century.
Coming at a time when civilization was torn assunder
by war and bloody violence,
She promised that Heaven would grant peace to all
the world if Her requests for prayer,
reparation and consecration were heard and obeyed.
To Learn more about this asperation please visit this site
Fatima Site

The Rosary

The word Rosary means "Crown of Roses".
Our Lady has revealed to several people that
each time they say a Hail Mary they are giving her a beautiful rose
and that each complete Rosary makes her a crown of roses.

The rose is the queen of flowers, and so the Rosary is
the rose of all devotions and it is therefore the most important one.
It's a simple prayer, humble so much like Mary.

It's a prayer we can all say together with Her, the Mother of God.
With the Hail Mary we invite Her to pray for us.
Our Lady always grants our request.
She joins Her prayer to ours.
Because what Mary asks She always receives,
Jesus will never say no to whatever His Mother asks for.

In every apparition, the heavenly Mother has invited us to say the Rosary

With the Rosaery made together with Your heavenly Mother, we
can obtain the great gift of bringing about peace in the world
Each day, through prayer you can drive away many dangers and many evils.

The Rosary is composed of fifteen decades.
Each decade is recited in honor of a mystery in Our Lord's Life
and that of his Blessed Mother.
It is customary to recite five decades at a time while
meditating on one set of mysteries.
Each Mystery may be meditate "bead by bead" for every Hail Mary of the decade

A devout exercise to perform praying the Rosary to obtain any request is the "54-day Rosary Novena" in honor of Our Lady of Pompeii.

"Say the Rosary every day...
Pray, pray a lot and offer sacrifices
for sinners...
I'm Our Lady of the Rosary.
Only I will be able to help you.
In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph."


Our Lady Light
In September of 1991, Mary, the Blessed Mother of God,
began appearing as Our Lady of Light to a
woman from Batavia, Ohio. Later she announced that she would visit her people
at St. Joseph Church in Cold Spring,
Kentucky at midnight on August 31, 1992.
She promised to return, with the Father's permission,
in the succeeding years on the anniversary of that visit.

With her blessing, the site has been changed to
Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood, Ohio.
On June 3, 1999 she said that August 31, 1999
would mark her last public appearance here.

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