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Set1: Green  Set2: Yellow Roses  Set3: Blue Daisies  Set4: Purple Flowers 
Set5: Pink Lilies  Set6: Green Matalic  Set7: Gold  Set8: Red Flowers 
Set9: Green-Gold  Set10: Blue-Green  Set11: Purple  Set12: Red Leaves 
Set13: White Flowers  Set14: Red Rose  Set15: Blue Gillia  Set16: Pink Stars
Set17: Chuncky Rust  Set18: Orange-green  Set19: Butterflies  Set20: Scrolls
Set21: Pink Lily  Set22: Dusty daisy  Set23: Blue white flowers  Set24: gold
Set 25: Yellow  Set26: Gold-Black  Set27: Blue Star  Set28: Pink Lace
Set29: Red Check