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Great Britain

The countries of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and the Principality of Wales are known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Romans occupied most of England until about A.D. 412 when they withdrew and tribal kingdoms controlled the land. In the 10th. century, the Norman conquest again united England under William the Conqueror and the territory expanded to include Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The country's worldwide influence expanded in the Elizabethan Age with New World territories until, by the early 20th. century, the British Empire controlled over 25 percent of the world's population.

Following World War II, most of the former colonies achieved independence but ties to Great Britain remained through the Commonwealth of Nations.

England by Region

Think of England and rolling green hills, fields and hedgerows, Constable and Turner landscapes, royalty, castles, palaces, cathedrals, bustling modern cities and centuries of history come to mind. Wherever you are in England you won’t be far from an ancient ruin, castle or majestic country house and garden. But you also won’t be far from an exciting major city, a National Park, sandy beach or dramatic coastline.
From the sandy beaches and cliff hugging fishing villages of Cornwall, to the dramatic Cumbrian coast, from the White Cliffs of Dover to the pleasure beaches of Blackpool, the coastline of England offers delights and surprises.

An abundance of pretty villages, historic and modern architecture and ancient ruins. The settings range from the fens and flatlands of East Anglia, through the charm of the Cotswolds, where picturesque villages nestle among rolling hills, to the drama of mountain ranges like the Pennines. Weald, wold, moor, vale and dale,

The history of England is written in its monuments. The earliest, mysterious prehistoric stone circles, burial chambers and hillside chalk figures dot the countryside. Roman ruins are found from the South to Hadrian's Wall in the far North. Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean churches, palaces and houses give way to gracious Georgian crescents, elegant flat fronted houses, and Victorian gothic fantasies, often juxtaposed with modern, cutting edge designs in the cities and towns.

Now let me take you on a tour of England the land of my birth

On the next few pages I have given you a short discription of England from the Northen border region of Northumbria to the southen Channal Isles Of Jersey and Guernsey

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