We interrupt your regularly scheduled internet activities with this "EMERGENCY" announcement!

The following news flash has just been released by all ISPs

The police are still at the scene of a VERY serious accident!

Due to wreckless speeding on Inter Net 77 Computer Nerd Joe has been rushed to the local hospital.

Tho it is known that he is an addict, the doctors have no choice but prepare him for emergency surgery.

According to reports, the doctors are going to try to remove his fingers that have become mangled within the keyboard and un-attached the mouse.

Once the surgery is complete, he will be placed in "ICU" (Internet Computer Unit) where he will be under observation during his recovery.

Earlier reports have confirmed that he behaves like a crazy, wild, beast when taken away from his computer. Therefore, the hospital staff has been advised to take all necessary precautions.

The hospital has reported that their phones are ringing non-stop. According to our sources, most of the calls are from Joe's credit card companies. Seems he's been doing a lot of online shopping

We wish Computer Nerd Joe a speedy recovery and will now return you to your regularly scheduled internet activitiy.



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