Dear God,

This is Brendan and I'm 5 years old. I'm writing this cause my grandma got the flu and she's sad cause her puter' don't work no more.

Will you please bring her a new puter? Her old puter's mommy broke a board today. I've heard her talkin' and I know just what she wants God! She wants one of em' with a great big billie goat...I can't remember what they are called but you can ask my daddy, his name is Kalvin, he knows....now I remember....a RAM!

She wants one with ears hanging on the side of it's TV where the music and Ut Ohs come from. She said she wanted some kind of net, I guess to catch the puter if'n she knocks it off.
The last puter's brain wasn't much better than mine, God. She said it couldn't remember anything. So give her one with a "BIG" brain so it will have a real good memory.

She wants another animal too. A little grey mouse. I guess it eats all the food she drops around the puter'. Oh yes! there's something else. She wants one of em' boxes where you put the flat donuts in.
Thanks God. I know my Grandma will be so happy.

I love you God....Brendan


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