A Quick Ride Home

A few months back, I stopped to pick up a few groceries after work. As we so often tend to run out of things during the middle of the week, a quick run is often vital. I made my purchases (more than I ran in for as usual) and proceeded to my car throwing the bags in the back seat.

I headed out of the parking lot and while driving slowly to the exit, I spotted this woman pushing a carriage loaded with groceries. She seemed to be using all her strength and I wondered where her car might be as she was close to the exit of the parking lot. Upon closer observation, not only was she pushing a full carriage but also a toddler was tucked in the seat. He looked about 4. I glanced around again thinking maybe her car had broken down close by but no car was in sight. I came up close to her and rolled my window down asking her if she had far to go…She spoke in broken English and said to the beach. I asked her if her car was close by and she replied she had no car and had missed the bus. Well, my heart said she can’t do this alone, she needs some help. I asked her if she would like a ride and I swear her eyes lit up with a big reply of oh yes. I loaded the groceries in the trunk and put her and her son in the back buckled up close. She directed me out of the parking lot and although I did not understand her when she said the street name, I kept making rights and lefts.

She did mention she was from somewhere in and/or near Bosnia. We were now 4-5 miles from the shopping area. Finally, I understood the street name and recognized it as my husband’s old neighborhood when he was a boy. Then as went down the street, I also realized it was the same street he spent his childhood. She pointed to a house and would you believe it was the same house he grew up in. Everything was almost the same. I pulled in the driveway helped her unload the groceries and her son came up to me and said thank you for helping my mom. The woman embraced me and said I prayed for an angel and God sent me you.



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