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These are the places that I give Credit to I highly recommend to you I have used their
beautiful work on my pages

Beautiful Snowglobes
And Graghics

Great web page sets
You can find the script here
For mix and match backgrounds

Here you will find a great number of wonderful
Pages set
My Welcome page I Got from here

Get your script for the triple background here

Moyra's Jewels and Page Sets

Background Sets

Background Sets

Great free Gold here

Links to great Images and Clip Art
That I have also used

Celtic Clip Art Wonderful ClipartAnd More

The Mining Company:
Clip Art Icons Animation Lots of
Resouces And help on these pages

Online Institute:
Animations Clip art and Web help

A-1Icon Archive:
Animations and more Lots of good Icons
to be be here

-Gif Animation On The Web Resouces to be found here

Mickey's Country graphic's and grafics

Free Graphics for you Web Site:
Lots of web Graphics backgrounds/great site

Home Page Help

Jave Script to Copy & Paste

Doctor HTMLv5 Web page analysis spellchecks

Kinder Analysis Analysis your page Free:

C/Net Great help for your home page:

HTML Goodie's Great HTML help here:

Top ISPs destinationI

Web browser data, stats, and add-ons

How to do e-commerce on the Internet

The Latest Internet News: Keep Up!

Categorized links Internet apps

Leading Business Internet Magazine

Java applets galore for your deployment

JavaScript code! Cut and paste free

All about SMIL technology!

CGI/C,Java,/and Java Script

Boost your site's With search engins

What's new in server technology

The latest in streaming media

Download Internet apps for WIN 3.x/95/NT

List of ISPs with 3,000+

Web Developer's Virtual Library

In-depth Web serversoftware comparisons

News and Resources for Web developers

Developer's Guide to the Web & Webmastery

All About XML and How to Use It

I found this program to be the best and the
fasted way to transfer files and Images to
my page

Great Midi Links

Orla's Irish Shanty A Wonderful selection of
Irish Midi's

WorldBeat Anthems from all over the world

Midi Tunebook:
Most The music on my pages can befound here

Navigation Around My Pages

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and 3 Territories

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The Ever Changing page
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